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Asset Insights

Authorities & Standards

C a n a d a U n i t e d  S t a t  e s
Maintenance Plans
Maintenance Plans
CSA     S478 1986-95, p.13 s.10.3.2 (1995)
BCI      Commission Recommendations #55 (1998)

Homeowner Protection Office (HPO)  


       Maintenance Guides

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC)  
  • Best Practice Guide for Wood Frame Env., s.9
  • Quality Assurance Protocol for FW, s.4.19

BC Government/Legislation

Warranty Providers    
OR     Oregon Senate Bill 955 (2006)   
OR     Oregon Condominium Act (2008)

DBH   Underwriters Recommendation Index (2007)

GSA   Schedule 03FAC
Reserve Studies  Reserve Studies
BC Government/Legislation        
       New Regulations Dec 2012

Real Estate Institue (REIC)    
Canadian Condo Institute (CCI)      
Coop Housing CHF      

ICAO    Accounting Guidelines for Condo (2001)

AIC       Uniform Stnds of Appraisal Practice-3420 (2005)

Energy - BC Hydro PIP

ISO Drafts - 55000, 1, 2



State Guides

    Underwriters Recommendation Index (2007)

              State Comparison Matrix
Facility Condition Assessments Facility Condition Assessments
ASTM   - E2018-01 Property Condition Assessment (2001)    
ASTM   - E1155-97 Uniformat II (1997)
ISO      - 15686

PSAB   - Bulletin 3150 - Tangible Capital Assets (2007)
  NACUBO  - Booklet (1990)
   Fed          - Federal Executive Order 13327 (2004)
   DoD         - Index DOD, C1-4
   APPA      - Facility Operating Standards
Service Life Authorities Service Life Authorities
   CSA      - S478 1986-95 (1995)    BOMA       -..........................

   RSMeans  -